Meditate • Contemplate • Create

Geometry Coloring Pages were created to foster a place of silence; a haven where the mind can let go of the day’s concerns and be with itself in peace, acceptance, and self-discovery, while seeking balance and harmony.

  • Color to reduce stress and anxiety after a hectic day.
  • Color as a meditative practice to ground, center, and balance a busy mind.
  • Color while contemplating the self, love, life, and the universe.
  • Color to express creativity effortlessly without the intimidation of a blank canvas.

Download and print free coloring pages, purchase an ebook or paperback, get some coloring pencils or markers, and create a work of art. You can also color patterns online at

Coloring for Grown ups

Coloring for grown-ups is not only a creative experience, it is also therapeutic. Therapeutic benefits may include:

Enhanced relaxation

Improved eye-hand coordination

Increased concentration

Increased creativity

Reduced stress and anxiety

Decreased blood pressure

An open door to the subconscious